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Making  pictures is a wonderful adventure. This is like freezing the time and capturing a very fleeting moment to finally transforming it into an image. Since my childhood, I have always  been fond of photography  and I spent long time shooting what I loved the more and keeping its memory: my family, my toys, my friends, places I was visiting and much more when I had to do exercises and projects.

With the advent of the digital, nothing is easier than sharing and collecting feedback so I decided to do this website with a selection of my pictures. I will start with the pictures of performing musicians that I did the last years and then I complements with travels, portraits and street photographies.

In addition to my Facebook and Instagram pages, I wanted a place where I will able to build a collection and show the works I did in different directions to give it more sense and consistency.

Until recently those concert pictures were only sent to the artists and their management and I am really glad to show them now with more people; of course I will be really glad to receive your comments, critics, and ideas.

If you are an artist or an agency, I would also be glad to hear about you and your projects as well as your feedback. Thanks in advance for your appreciation.

All photos and content of this website are copyrighted by Raphael Perez. For any need of commercial use please write us.

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